Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's a Wonderful Life (and I'm not Jimmy Stewart)

Does anyone even read check this anymore? Gosh, it doesn't even really deserve to be linked to anyone else's blog -- Dan and I are not cut out to be bloggers of any repute. But in reality, the reason I haven't posted is because I keep hoping that we'll have something newsworthy to post. Mostly like a permanent job (or even two!), but that still hasn't happened. So we're still in the waiting place, hoping and praying and trying to remain positive, even when life doesn't turn out as expected.

The waiting game provides plenty of time for introspection, I've found. There have been many wonderful days since moving in with Dan's Gram, but also many stressful moments and tears of frustration. It is easy to point a finger at a specific circumstance in my life and to believe that as soon as that problem is resolved, I'll be totally content. But the problem is, human nature isn't ever content. I always want something more. When we were in Wisconsin, we wanted to be close to home. When we were in Belfast, I wanted a different job. When I was a senior in college, I wanted to be married and done with school. And the pattern continues further and further back. And you know what? I'm tired of being discontent with my life. I have a wonderful life.

So I'm choosing contentment. And I'm going to document these moments, creating a visual journal to match the written memories of this time. Here it begins.

This is from over a month ago, on a fateful day when Dan attempted to teach Lander to run alongside his bike. Lander was making good progress when suddenly his boxer-brains took over and he ran in front of the bike. His paw was hurt. (Dan felt so bad about it that he bought him a Kong and made him a Kongsicle, and Lander has been enjoying his toy ever since.) Anyways, Lander wouldn't leave his wound alone, and my husband, being the very resourceful person that he is, made him a cone out of an old Halloween bucket. I'd like to imagine that Lander was rather indignant about this, but he was probably just confused.

He has since recovered from his collar of shame, but I like to look at it every once in a while to feel intellectually superior. I'm so glad I'm not a dog.

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