Sunday, June 6, 2010


I like living close to family. After living 10+ hours away from my 'rents, it's nice to be within 3 hours. Even better, we can meet for lunch halfway, as we did on Saturday. We picked Meadville, PA (home of Allegheny College) to dine, and eschewed a cute cafe (deemed by the gentlemen to be one of those places that only give you 5 bites and call it a meal) for a delicious Mexican cantina. Afterwards, we walked through building that housed a few vendors and picked out delicious desserts.

The women folk picked Walnut Brownies by the Cookie Lady.

Dan chose pineapple bits (plus a few bites of brownie).

And Dad went with his perennial favorite, maple candies.

Thank you Meadville, for your tasty treats and your perfect location.

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