Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Coming Home

Last week, Dan and I went to the Outer Banks, NC, for a family trip to the beach. It was a lot of fun and quite relaxing. I'll post some pictures and stories from that trip, but I have more pressing things to share.

Sunday, when we got home, our fridge was barren. Empty, except for the end of a half-gallon of milk and the ever-present condiments. When Bruce and Sue dropped off Gram, we ordered Chinese take-out, so we were saved for the night, but the next morning the reality of our empty fridge struck: I found a piece of bread in the freezer to make toast and Dan used the last cup of milk for cereal, but other than that, we really needed some food.

I've been hoping to find fresh produce somewhere besides Giant Eagle, so I googled "local produce" and "Gibsonia, PA" and landed on a website that pointed me to the Dillner Family Farm, located up the road. They do a CSA program, which I'd like to try some year, but they also have a farm stand. I drove the several miles to the farm and was instantly in love. It's a serve-yourself and pay-before-you-go kind of place, and it was FANTASTIC.

I bought fresh lettuce, $2.

1 bunch of onions, $2.

1 head of fresh garlic, $1.
4 red tomatoes, first of the summer, $2.50.
1 pint of unshelled peas, $2.50.

1 container of thyme and 1 container of rosemary, $2 each.

2 quarts of ripe strawberries, red through to the center, $7.

And, just because I could, 1 zucchini, $1. It wasn't on the list, but it looked so delicious, so fresh, so summer-y that I just had to. So I did.

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