Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Wee Bit of a Rant

Subject: Profs and Technology.

Well, I'm sitting here waiting for class to begin. It's 19 minutes after class should have started, but wait? Didn't I get the message via my worthless-piece-of-expensive-technology account? You know, the message that was hidden behind layers of different tabs, to a page where why the heck would I ever go there anyways? Oh, that message? Why no, I didn't get it. You could have mentioned it in oh, let's say, an email. In fact, you could have mentioned it in the email exchange we HAD on Monday ABOUT this class. But why would you do that, considering I have this awesome piece of technology that obliterates the much more user friendly and useful email? I mean, we're going paperless here people, so let's only use this worthless-piece-of-expensive-technology for communication, not other paperless forms of communication.

By the way, this worthless-piece-of-expensive-technology is confusing (heard of user friendly? let's call it a user-enemy), not used by the rest of my professors, and still hasn't finished loading the syllabus. Which I don't have, by the way, because she only put it on this program/website. And I don't have a printer, except at school, and that's when the Internet is slow. So I didn't know that we're stinkin' presenting a final project. Because I don't even know what the final project is. Hence, I haven't started it. Oh yes, and a different professor actually created the final assessment, and it doesn't match what we've been learning in our course, taught by a different professor. The irony of this situation: this is an assessment course.

Sigh. Golly gee. I just love school sometimes, don't you?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Welcome to Spring!

Officially, spring is here, and today actually feels like it! It was a gloriously springy day -- in the 50s and sunny, with only a light wind. It was also a perfect Saturday. We slept in, watched The Office in our p.j.s, and did various straightening and cleaning chores. (Some of you may remember pictures that we posted earlier this year on our blog, which showed Dan swatting many flies, who died rather bloody deaths. Unfortunately, the descendants of these original flies have worked their way into our weekly chores: they expire all over our floors, especially upstairs in the closet, and lie there, lifeless, until one of us vacuums them up. Read about our problem in more detail here if you're bored.

After our relaxed-pace morning, we decided it was time for me to try out my new bike, purchased from a local Christian camp sometime last month. We pedaled around Williams Bay, soaking up the Vitamin D and cringing at the sound of my very squeaky brakes. It was nice, but as I haven't ridden a bike recently, we didn't go far. Once we rolled back into our driveway and were standing around in the sunshine, Dan suggested going to the hardware store to buy a bucket and a sponge so he could wash his bike. Inspired, I volunteered to wash the car, and we hopped into the Subaru.

Lo and behold, when we pulled into the hardware store, I spotted something so wonderful, something so amazing, something so spring-like that it MUST be taken advantage of. It was the sight of many mini-vans parked next to the Dairy Ripple, with a line of small children accompanied by their mommies and daddies, queuing up at the window, each ordering whatever was their ice cream fancy! "Look Dan!" I said, "Looks like the Dairy Ripple is open!"

Amazingly astute husband that he is, he got my hint. After our small purchase, we walked over to the window, ordered our treats, and waited with glee. I think I was skipping, and if I wasn't, I was on the inside. When our order was up, we had our first ice cream of the season, sitting outside in the sunshine. I ate my chocolate-vanilla twist with great delight, and even stole a bite of Dan's Reeses Pieces Flurry. Today was the perfect early spring day.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

a very good literary term

Ever since I was a little boy I have enjoyed being outside. I think it is because I pretty much grew up outside. We had a swimming pool when I was little and I would always be outside swimming. My gram taught me how to swim when I was little and I just enjoyed being out there. If I wasn't swimming I think I was probably climbing trees. Trees with leaves, trees with thorns, and trees with needles; it really didn't matter what kind. I also enjoyed riding my bike. I tell you all of this to say that I think the main reason I have began to enjoy running is because of a simple reason. I enjoy being outside. We enjoying being outside. Friday night we went to Luckey's for dinner, and then we went to host Wii night. I bowled some, but mostly I studied for my accounting mid-term. Saturday Hil and I ran about 4 miles and went to church, which we enjoy immensely.

Sunday was our 10 mile run. We are training for our run around the lake. So we trained running on the lakeshore path. Now just pictures. Enjoy.

A little house on the lake

The power of water

Ice fishing done right, check out the grill

Another small house

wifey at mile six

the south end of me at mile eight