Tuesday, November 4, 2008

All in a Morning's Run

I've been running a bit more frequently since we moved here, for a couple of reasons. For one, there's really no good reason NOT to run, as I'm working only part time. Also, Williams Bay is a great place to run. People keep their dogs on leashes or in fenced yards, and this is a very big deal to me. Another reason? There is a trail around the lake.

This trail has varying levels of maintenance, due to the fact that property owners are mandated to have some sort of trail that connects from neighbor to neighbor. In other words, it's up to the property owners to decide what kind of trail they choose to install and maintain. In some places, homeowners have brick paths; in other spots, it's a dirt trail. I normally run through a couple of beaches, on some dirt, and along gorgeously maintained paths with mansions alongside.

On Halloween, the weather was incredible -- the kind of weather parents wish occurred on every Halloween. It was warm (in the 60s), sunny, and there was a nice warm breeze. No parents had to force their child to wear a snowsuit underneath his or her costume. I'm sure parents were happy, and kids were happy too. I was so excited to go running, in fact, on this beautiful day, that I skipped down the stairs in our house and smacked my head on the door frame, resulting in a cut tongue and a painful bump. I almost let that deter me, but as I was all ready -- my shoes were even on -- I wasn't able to excuse myself, so I set off for a run.

On this day, I decided to run downtown and along the other side of the bay. Normally I run immediately to the lake and run along the trail on one side of the bay, but I had my adventure on. And here is the following run, in pictures.

Happy exploring! Dan and I are off for an adventure this weekend -- camping in the UP of Michigan. We'll let you know how our adventure turns out.