Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The softer side...while up in the air.

It has been quite some time since I have last posted, so read and enjoy. I have not worked for about 5 months now. Hilary and I are what some would say, "Up in the air", and some would be correct. We don't really know what we are doing next. Hilary does have her teaching position until Mid-May, but after that we just don't know. We go to the beach in June for vacation and a wedding, have another wedding a week later, and then we are back to the grind. The grind being the unknown. It is possible to know what we will be doing when we get back from the beach, and that is in our prayers. The other day I found the pictures that you will find below and I wanted to post them...here is why.

This was an adventure.

You can just see the handle in this picture.

You can see it better in this photo, it is the small black thing above my head over my right hand.

The adventure portrayed in the photo happened probably about 9 years ago. It was the brief adventure of me going off that ropes swing. From looking at the picture, and my memory of falling, I was right about 50 feet off the water when I let go. The cliff-like shoreline is where I launched from, actually, a rickety old platform in a rickety old tree up on that cliff. I had to of stood there for 20 minutes or so, long enough to freak myself out and talk myself back into it multiple times. Long enough for many boats to show up to watch. As you can see, I did eventually step off the platform. What a rush.

This brief adventure is different than the adventure I am on now, but I am on an adventure. I don't know if it is an adventure of faith, or an adventure of economic downturn times, but whatever it is, I hope it is coming to a close. I hope that this adventure ends so that I can start a new adventure. A Donald Miller style adventure. A story with purpose. (If you aren't gettin the Donald Miller story reference, check out this.) Soon we will find out what we are doing, we just have to continue to have faith.

And a poem from my old blog while I was at Houghton, pre-marriage, pre-bachelors, pre-knowing the next step.

Waiting, thinking, praying leads me to this....

I come to this place
not knowing what to do
but I know one thing Lord
I am here because of you.

I am here up on this hill
a very quite place
searching, searching for you Lord
please show me your face.

It's here Lord, all around
Your joy, your love, your grace
I feel it Lord
as I walk a quiet pace

I lay here Lord,
the stars, the moon, the skies
I lay here Lord
search me, here my cries

I come to this place
not knowing what to do
but I know one thing Lord,
you will lead me through.

Have a great day. Create a great adventure. Drive fast. Take risks.