Sunday, June 14, 2009

On road biking.

So this was my ride today. Since the wife and I go to church on Saturday evening Sunday mornings are rather quite open. Hilary also had to work today at 9am, so I woke up with her and got ready for a bike ride. Turns out I have an intermediate level pace for riding by my lonesome. I really have no base for this, but I did happen upon a group of riders and passed them all when I found out they weren't going the same direction as me. Road biking is a new love for me. My poor mountain bike has sat since Mother's Day. In that month I have ridden 244 miles. Once I get a second set of pedals I will ride both bikes more often. Since I've come to love the road, I have learned a few things. You get it in list form because that is the easiest and requires no wittiness or tough grammar.

5. 92% of drivers are idiots, the other 8% are probably road bikers. Seriously, pretty much every driver thinks they must pass right when another car is coming. No need to apply the brakes and wait, oh 3 or 4 seconds and then pass safely. Then, right when they get next to you they must floor it to show their superiority in their vehicle while they struggle with little man syndrome. Jerks.

4. Roads are bad places for birds. I saw at least 10 dead ones today. All dead. And some animals. Poor little guys.

3. Wisconsin has a lot of road bikers on beautiful, sunny, 75 degree Fahrenheit Sunday mornings. I honestly think I saw more roadies than cars. It was rather inspiring.

2. I am still scared to go really fast. Every and any time I see my speedometer creep up past 3-0 my father-in-laws broken rim sitting in his basement somehow enters my mind. At that point I say a little prayer and shift into my big ring and put the hammer down. Booyah. Going fast is fun.

And the #1....

I really like road biking. It is helping me get fit and lose weight for the big "I'm on a boat" summer at the lake season. Not really so much that last part, but road biking is my lifetime sport. The purchase was (is) so worth it.

And now some random pictures taken over the last month or so.
This was the triathlon I went to last Saturday to watch and scope out how triathlon's are organized. Thinking about doing a tri in September.

Our next door neighbor, from a walk with Hilary.

the friends from our side yard...blurry due to a fully digital zoomed lens.