Saturday, February 21, 2009

Our Wisconsin Winter Is Not Over

We're back to snow storms. It's snowing and blowing outside, and thankfully we weren't planning on running today. The roads are periodically plowed, but a plow hasn't come by recently. Things are looking a little bit yucky, in short. We braved the snow, however, to visit Panera this morning (which is why the car is cleaned off). We had a Christmas gift card to use, so bagels and drinks it was for breakfast! It was a great Saturday morning date. Normally we sit in our p.j.s and watch The Office, but it wasn't a new episode this week. Panera was a good substitute.

On our date, besides planning on making our own bagels, we plotted our trip out West. Dan has actually done quite a bit of planning on the trip so far, getting mileage, driving times, and information on backpacking and camping fees, but we were talking about the really important stuff this morning: food and gear. For our anniversary, Dan got me a cookbook filled with recipes that lend themselves perfectly to camping, and we borrowed a food dehydrator from his parents, so we just may have a plan! (Dan just made a scathing comment about how I'm not going to use either of those things. Just because I haven't happened to use them since I've gotten them, does it mean that I'll never use it? Ha! I'll show him!) Our potential trips would include stops in Minneapolis, Theodore Roosevelt National Park, Glacier, Yellowstone, Teton, Lander, WY, Mt. Rushmore, Custer State Park, and the Badlands. We'll be adventuring out way throughout these parks, camping, hiking, biking, climbing and maybe even horseback riding.

The reason that we're planning this potential trip is that we're contemplating staying here for an extra semester. I could student teach here in Wisconsin, Dan could continue to work for OWLS if he chose, and we could live right here in our little farmhouse. So if we're sticking around and not moving, we're going to take a little trip out west. Anybody want to join us?