Monday, March 21, 2011

3 things plus

I was just sitting around the other day and was thinking about all sorts of things. Three things really. One of the things I was thinking about was pride. I think the thoughts started in small group, but it stuck in my head nonetheless. Pride: How we all struggle with it and how all sorts of folks are prideful, myself included. I thought about how facebook is basically one big pride statement, sure they call it status, but we basically type what we want others to think of us. And this is the weird disconnect part...I also decided the other day that people like great stories, we like to hear what other people are doing (facebook), what they are listening to, taking picture of, and how they are feeling. All of these things can happen on facebook, which is probably why it is such a great success. And this leads me to the third thing that I was thinking about, I like to read some blogs. I like to read what other people are doing to keep them inspired, what great adventures friends are taking, and how they are coming along. This led me to think that some folks also just like to read about the general day to day, which gave me the idea that I should document my work day via photographs. I enjoy knowing what other folks are doing from day to day, so hopefully someone enjoys seeing what I do from day to day. So...the following is a general day in the life of day, hopefully with no prideful "I wonder what people think of me" thrown in. I will even through in some thoughts that go through my head.

Part of my breakfast. I generally eat fruit, homemade granola, and hot tea. Juice if we have it as well. Sometimes I get crazy and eat some frozen waffles.
Then Fido gets to go for a walk. He hates the camera and tries to hide when it comes out, but he does love treats, so I held one above the camera with my free hand. He likes his walks in the morning. I try to get in 40 minutes, but sometimes it is only 10.

And then I suit up and get ready to go to work. Work is .8 miles from our front door, so sometimes I bike and sometimes I walk. I generally bike though so I can come home for lunch and have more relaxing time.
And this is the outside of our office building. The big graphic makes it really easy to give directions, "Yep, just turn left and our building is on the left with the big outdoor graphic on the front" It is rather nice, but these are also the only windows in our first floor cave office building.

My desk/cubicle. I have no neighbor right next to me, but I do have some folks over the walls. I spend a fair amount of time in here, but I can always go outside and work, even if it is on office stuff. My chair is my favorite color, but it doesn't stay up at the correct height. It leaks air or something and sinks down by the end of the day. The office safety team says my chair should be at the correct height for proper office ergonomics, but my chair sinks throughout the day. Maybe I should shed some extra pounds. It is annoying.

And this is the inside of the Second Street Market. I had to go here as part of work to promote cycling and man the MetroParks booth. It was a welcomed change. I enjoy getting out in our parks and meeting new folks.

This is the booth I was working. I was there to promote cycling in general but specifically our new bike hub downtown. It offers secure bike storage, shower facilities, lockers, and close access to downtown businesses for the bike commuter. (Did I sell you on it?) It is a nice facility, come check it out sometime. I was glad to work the booth, but I was hungry as I sat here over lunch. I forgot my lunch at home and I had no money to purchase something, so I waited and went home afterwards.

And this is where I got sick of taking pictures. My afternoon was filled with me finishing up a presentation and setting up for that presentation. My day is filled with all sorts of random things, but most days I do go home for lunch. I let the dog out and watch trash TV or the news. I then bike back to work and finish out my day.

I know this is weird again, but I just posted about my day and talked about being prideful in the same post, talk about irony. I do hope you enjoyed seeing what one (half) of my day looked like.

Now I must go research more about Subaru's and their tire oddities, but maybe more about that story will come tomorrow.