Sunday, December 14, 2008

An Advent Sunday

Nothing much new to report here. It's Sunday -- the Steelers are playing (currently losing, but attempting to tie it up), we did some baking (flaky cream wafers), and it's getting increasingly closer to Christmas. It's Advent season! Unfortunately, the church we've been attending doesn't do the traditional Advent candles, and I've missed it. Oh, for the days at CCC when Mrs. E does a children's message.

So, yesterday Dan and I decided to go to the 5 o'clock "contemporary" service at another church. I was really hoping for candles and a Christmas season message, and boy! Did I ever get it, and more besides! We actually attended their annual Christmas concert, which was an amazing production. There was a choir of about 50 adults, a string and brass ensemble, skits, images, a toddler "Jesus" who looked like he was going to bolt from the stage, and even a live sheep. It was a great Christmas celebration.

Our favorite part of the whole evening was "Mary Did You Know." Having the whole choir really added to the song. They could actually communicate the urgency of the questions, the majesty of the concept, and the overall simplicity of the song. It was awesome. (The choir also did Emmanuel off of MWS Christmastime CD, which was exciting.)

We are so excited to be leaving Wisconsin for a few weeks. Nothing against Wisconsin, you know, but we are looking forward to celebrating Christmas with friends and family. We have presents piled on the spare room bed, cookies made in a plastic containers, clean clothes waiting to be packed, and lots left to do! Dan's finished with all of his schoolwork, but I've got a bit left. That and I would like to make two loaves of bread, pack EVERYTHING I need (for 3 weeks, it's a lot!), wrap Dan's present(s) so he doesn't peek at them, sweep up crumbs so no mice take up residence, tidy up the rest of our house, pack snacks and lunch for the car, go to class, and... well. I guess that was all. Maybe I won't sub tomorrow.

Dan is cheering for the Steelers to not tie it up, but to win! And I am going to go finish dinner so we can attend a Christmas concert at GWC tonight. Although the beautiful snow which was covering the buildings and trees has (unfortunately) melted, I am still in the Christmas spirit.

In light of that, Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

somewhat boring.

Have you ever had a blah day? You know, the one were you really don't feel like you did much? Today that was me. Yesterday that was sort of me too. This is the first week of me not having to go to work. It also has been cold and windy outside. So much that classes have been canceled for two nights in a row. No work and no class. I did work on some homework for awhile, but that was boring and wasn't all that difficult. Final projects are sometimes just pulling other things together and formatting. Did I mention that I have been bored? Hilary did make some cookies the other day so I have been busy eating those, but other than that I haven't been doing much. Tomorrow I vow to be productive or go to the gym and lift for an hour.

Here are some of the cookies, although these are the boring non-decorated, non-iced, non-sugared ones.

And the reason for the elliptical and stationary bike yesterday...

I think I just may have to get me one of these! I know I won't, but it does look fun to try. Maybe I should just look around for used cross country skis for the winter months, oh, and a parachute to pull me around. All this wind would sure make it easy, I think the house is going to fall over. Hopefully tomorrow is more exciting!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

The goose is getting fat.

After only 2 full days of me actually considering running in this 22 mile run I have come up with an excuse/dilemma/problem: the average high temperature doing the crucial training period which I consider after Christmas until the end of April is approximately 41 degree, the average low, vientitres. Now that I have posted this I am sure my brother-in-law (no pun intended) will be sure to comment on this while my sister-in-law thinks the temperature is no big deal.

I do want to do this, I think. There is another thing that adds to my decision making. I have a weight room with equipment and a treadmill. Granted those things aren't awesome, those things also happen to be not what I was talking about. Recently I have managed to land a few pro-deals from some companies that makes running, in my opinion, somewhat affordable. Now I know running isn't expensive compared to biking or climbing, but when it comes to running things, I have nada. I could land gore-tex trail running shoes, nice winter running tights, and a nice hooded, thumb hole shirt and a mid-weight jacket for right around $150. If i just got the shoes and tights it could be $90. But, either way, that is green that I would rather spend on these, laced up with some 355's.

In reality, I think I'll be running. Maybe the half-marathon?

In other news...I am done with work for 2009. I've given up, thrown in the towel, paused for a month long work free, unfortunately, pay free vacation.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Proper Prior Planning Provides Positive Picture Posts

This was me unwrapping Hilary's creatively wrapped pre-present.

Late Fall=International Harvester=windy house=super drafty windows=slippers and blankets

A cold, cold morning looking out towards Yerkes Observatory, the view from our back door

Thanksgiving 2008! Although this is not a very good representation.

A cold run, Dan prep run #1. A 22mile run May 9th? Graduating on the same day? Sounds like it could be something, now I just have to convince my right ankle.