Saturday, December 6, 2008

The goose is getting fat.

After only 2 full days of me actually considering running in this 22 mile run I have come up with an excuse/dilemma/problem: the average high temperature doing the crucial training period which I consider after Christmas until the end of April is approximately 41 degree, the average low, vientitres. Now that I have posted this I am sure my brother-in-law (no pun intended) will be sure to comment on this while my sister-in-law thinks the temperature is no big deal.

I do want to do this, I think. There is another thing that adds to my decision making. I have a weight room with equipment and a treadmill. Granted those things aren't awesome, those things also happen to be not what I was talking about. Recently I have managed to land a few pro-deals from some companies that makes running, in my opinion, somewhat affordable. Now I know running isn't expensive compared to biking or climbing, but when it comes to running things, I have nada. I could land gore-tex trail running shoes, nice winter running tights, and a nice hooded, thumb hole shirt and a mid-weight jacket for right around $150. If i just got the shoes and tights it could be $90. But, either way, that is green that I would rather spend on these, laced up with some 355's.

In reality, I think I'll be running. Maybe the half-marathon?

In other news...I am done with work for 2009. I've given up, thrown in the towel, paused for a month long work free, unfortunately, pay free vacation.


Andrew Brautigam said...

You're right. The temperature is no big deal. You can handle it.

Andrew Brautigam said...

that actually wasn't me. I think 355's are not a good idea for you. Think arches. but shelley's right, the temperature isn't a big deal.

Eddy Out said...

Dan... even I am getting away from my space heater to run outside :)