Tuesday, December 9, 2008

somewhat boring.

Have you ever had a blah day? You know, the one were you really don't feel like you did much? Today that was me. Yesterday that was sort of me too. This is the first week of me not having to go to work. It also has been cold and windy outside. So much that classes have been canceled for two nights in a row. No work and no class. I did work on some homework for awhile, but that was boring and wasn't all that difficult. Final projects are sometimes just pulling other things together and formatting. Did I mention that I have been bored? Hilary did make some cookies the other day so I have been busy eating those, but other than that I haven't been doing much. Tomorrow I vow to be productive or go to the gym and lift for an hour.

Here are some of the cookies, although these are the boring non-decorated, non-iced, non-sugared ones.

And the reason for the elliptical and stationary bike yesterday...

I think I just may have to get me one of these! I know I won't, but it does look fun to try. Maybe I should just look around for used cross country skis for the winter months, oh, and a parachute to pull me around. All this wind would sure make it easy, I think the house is going to fall over. Hopefully tomorrow is more exciting!

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Mountaingoat said...

Go with the skis, makes the winter months way better out here.