Monday, July 19, 2010

Reasons being unemployed stinks that no one else thinks of...

Letterman goes.

10. You have to delete files on your computer so you don't send out the wrong cover letter or resume

9. tea doesn't taste as good as if you made it at work

8. it takes all day to do 3 things on your to-do list because you lack motivation and desire

7. the bag of chocolate chips seems to have learned how to feed themselves to you

6. you look forward to going to bed early so you can get up early to check email

5. weekends aren't any fun because it just means you have to wait until Monday to hear back from people and look for new jobs posted

4. you don't even want the phone to ring, because when it does, it is never the person you want it to be

3. walking to the mailbox is depressing, not exciting like it should be

2. you use a lot more of your own toilet paper

1. you get so bored sometimes you stage pictures of yourself. Pictures that you would find on the front page of the newspaper titled "Frustrated that you haven't found a job?"

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sowing Seeds

One day way back in April, while walking accompanying Dan on a mission to find dog food at Tractor Supply Co., I spied a display of seed packets. Last year was my first attempt at sowing seeds directly in the ground, and I was amazed when they actually grew. This year, I decided to attempt starting some cilantro and basil. At $1.50 per packet, I figured it was worth the try.

While my attempts to grow cilantro have now failed two times, my basil is growing like mad. It looks fantastic! I have three plants in a pot and four more plants in the ground, next to my two tomato plants.

On my to do list for tomorrow: pesto.