Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Wee Bit of a Rant

Subject: Profs and Technology.

Well, I'm sitting here waiting for class to begin. It's 19 minutes after class should have started, but wait? Didn't I get the message via my worthless-piece-of-expensive-technology account? You know, the message that was hidden behind layers of different tabs, to a page where why the heck would I ever go there anyways? Oh, that message? Why no, I didn't get it. You could have mentioned it in oh, let's say, an email. In fact, you could have mentioned it in the email exchange we HAD on Monday ABOUT this class. But why would you do that, considering I have this awesome piece of technology that obliterates the much more user friendly and useful email? I mean, we're going paperless here people, so let's only use this worthless-piece-of-expensive-technology for communication, not other paperless forms of communication.

By the way, this worthless-piece-of-expensive-technology is confusing (heard of user friendly? let's call it a user-enemy), not used by the rest of my professors, and still hasn't finished loading the syllabus. Which I don't have, by the way, because she only put it on this program/website. And I don't have a printer, except at school, and that's when the Internet is slow. So I didn't know that we're stinkin' presenting a final project. Because I don't even know what the final project is. Hence, I haven't started it. Oh yes, and a different professor actually created the final assessment, and it doesn't match what we've been learning in our course, taught by a different professor. The irony of this situation: this is an assessment course.

Sigh. Golly gee. I just love school sometimes, don't you?

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Adrienne said...

love it. you could alternately title this, "reminders of TK and synapse."