Saturday, April 4, 2009

my new road bike

Since I live in the Mid-west I figured I should indulge in all of this flatness and purchase myself a road bike. In order to fulfill this road enjoyment my wife and I went off to a bike expo last night. This bike expo. It was a hard decision, but I think I made the right choice. Can you guess? Pick one!

If you picked either of the first two you just happened to be wrong. Since we are saving to go on a sweet trip out to Glacier, TD Roosevelt, Idaho, Yellowstone, Tetons, Lander, Devil's Tower, Mount Rushmore, Badlands, etc., the wife has talked me out of a road bike...for now.

So to satisfy my road bike desires I purchased two $10 700x35c commuter tires, and two $4 tubes, which happen to have the wrong valves. I also bought a SS water bottle cage and a $2 leg reflective leg strap for my friend. All told, I spent about $50 on my new road bike. When I get the correct tubes I'll post a picture or two of my new tires on Cheyenne, which happens to be the name of my mountain bike.

I am trying to not constantly want more.

Happy trails, and happy Easter week.

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