Saturday, March 21, 2009

Welcome to Spring!

Officially, spring is here, and today actually feels like it! It was a gloriously springy day -- in the 50s and sunny, with only a light wind. It was also a perfect Saturday. We slept in, watched The Office in our p.j.s, and did various straightening and cleaning chores. (Some of you may remember pictures that we posted earlier this year on our blog, which showed Dan swatting many flies, who died rather bloody deaths. Unfortunately, the descendants of these original flies have worked their way into our weekly chores: they expire all over our floors, especially upstairs in the closet, and lie there, lifeless, until one of us vacuums them up. Read about our problem in more detail here if you're bored.

After our relaxed-pace morning, we decided it was time for me to try out my new bike, purchased from a local Christian camp sometime last month. We pedaled around Williams Bay, soaking up the Vitamin D and cringing at the sound of my very squeaky brakes. It was nice, but as I haven't ridden a bike recently, we didn't go far. Once we rolled back into our driveway and were standing around in the sunshine, Dan suggested going to the hardware store to buy a bucket and a sponge so he could wash his bike. Inspired, I volunteered to wash the car, and we hopped into the Subaru.

Lo and behold, when we pulled into the hardware store, I spotted something so wonderful, something so amazing, something so spring-like that it MUST be taken advantage of. It was the sight of many mini-vans parked next to the Dairy Ripple, with a line of small children accompanied by their mommies and daddies, queuing up at the window, each ordering whatever was their ice cream fancy! "Look Dan!" I said, "Looks like the Dairy Ripple is open!"

Amazingly astute husband that he is, he got my hint. After our small purchase, we walked over to the window, ordered our treats, and waited with glee. I think I was skipping, and if I wasn't, I was on the inside. When our order was up, we had our first ice cream of the season, sitting outside in the sunshine. I ate my chocolate-vanilla twist with great delight, and even stole a bite of Dan's Reeses Pieces Flurry. Today was the perfect early spring day.

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Jill said...

I love your blog! Yay for Dairy Ripple! :) You totally deserved a Dairy Ripple reward after vacuuming up all those dead flies. :)