Monday, September 8, 2008

Who is buying all the food?

So today, while opening a bag of flour, I found this...

I don't know if you believe me or not, but I think I should be getting something hidden in my food bags if I am paying so much for them.

Is it speculation? Is it demand? Is it fuel costs?
Can anyone tell me why all the food I want to buy is costly?
It's not like I'm purchasing steaks, lobster and top shelf liquor. The only thing going in the cart is off brand cereal, eggs, milk, some chicken broth, and some quick oats for baked oatmeal. No snacks or extras. I'm not sure the mid-West is being very inviting. Due to the high cost of food, We are selling the Jetta.

Car for sale!
All of this is linked really. Expensive food, car for sale, and happenings with my bike. I'm a full fledged bike commuter, a whole .98 miles I go to work and school, but not this week, my spokes are snapping on the rear end.

In other news, our old landlord, who told us multiple times throughout the year upon questioning that our gas bill was indeed the one for our apartment, was not. He informed us today via email that for the last year, yes, all 12 months, we have been paying his gas bill. A refund check is hopefully in the mail. I am curious how this gets messed up and I reckon that the poor ol' lassie who lived there before us drew the short straw as well.

Praise the Lord for honest landlords!

Happy reading, I'm off to bed.

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becky said...

oh scott... :) so, i'm enjoying the blogs! it's fun to hear stuff about your new life. we miss you guys!! oh, and we like john and rebecca a lot - thanks for the recommendation (or more like a command!:)!