Friday, September 5, 2008

All Things Hot (h2o, jobs, & fires)

So, you know all of those dire warnings about Nalgenes and those pesky little hormone-like things that leach off the bottles into your beverage? Well, here at GWC, they are way beyond PBA waterbottles and gave Dan and I each a cool PBA-free waterbottle. Yesterday morning, Dan decided to make tea to take to work. Well, these water bottles might not leach anything, but they definitely don't stand up to hot water very well! Fortunately, Dan was pouring the boiling water into the waterbottle while standing over the sink. As it started to shrink, he just dropped it. Really, it's pretty impressive!

As for other news, I didn't get the job as an admissions counselor here at the school. I am going to be substitute teaching, at least for a while! I'm actually really looking forward to it. The high school is right across from our house, so the commute is short. Yay!

And the most exciting part of this post: Dan and I borrowed stones from the maintenance junk area and made ourselves a fire pit in the backyard! I'm going to conquer my inability to make a fire this year... or so Dan hopes. :) Here it is (the picture also includes the piece of plywood Dan was burning). We're excited about using it when friends come over, or maybe using it to make authentically smoky STEP stew.

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