Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sad and Happy :(:

August 1- Last day of work for Dan and Hilary in NY State :)
August 2- Pack up for things to go to PA for the year
August 4- Drive to Williams Bay, WI leaving family :(
August 5- Drive to Emily, MN- Have a great time, this is when we did lots of fun random things. August 6- Beach Day on Blue Lake in Emily, MN at Kate's house. We played around on Wave Runners all day long, swam, ski'ed, tubed, wakeboarded, and got some sun. It was a crazy wet busy day from 10AM until 7PM, at which time we went and ate some food. August 8th was the wedding, Jon and Kate, 8-8-08 at 8PM. It was a lot of fun, for desert- Chocolate fountains and chocolate brownies with ice cream. We had a lot of fun hanging out with Houghton friends and making new friends as well. It was a very good week. After the wedding, on Saturday we went to Duluth, MN. Here is the happy rose garden on the shore of Lake Superior where we had lunch.

After lunch, we drove up further north and went to Two Harbors, MN-a small little town on Lake Superior with a art show to walk around and visit. Some cool pictures of the shore, but expensive for pictures I thought, a nice garden, a nice city. We then drove around the city to find some place to sleep as we couldn' t camp, so a hotel search was on. We found a hotel and then went out to dinner and walked around and shopped a wee little bit. And guess what Dan found?!? His two favorite beverages in the same store! Go Duluth!

And this was our view of the city/water from our hotel room, and of course, Henry Weinhard's RootBeer and Davidson's Herbal Christmas Tea! The next morning we had to drive to our new house in Williams Bay, WI, which is sort of picture here. The next post will have more pictures hopefully!
Stay tuned for more information about Wisconsin and our adventures while living in the Mid-West.

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