Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fall Fun

I apologize for the utter lack of posts for the last few months. Can I say that life got hectic? Not a very good excuse, I know. I'm continually impressed by how some bloggers manage to post daily! I can't even imagine that! Maybe I could try weekly at some point in my life.

Two weeks ago, Dan and I took a brief trip to Pennsylvania, land of the Steelers and Heinz ketchup. While we were there we had our first Thanksgiving of 2009, followed by trick-or-treating. Kylie was a hippie with some awesome hair, Craig was Batman with a super cool mask, Caleb was "Super Caleb", Ella was the Little Red Hen, and Vohn was "Super Vohn Chicken"! At least, that's what Vohn declared as his name partway through the evening.

The little guys got tired on the way back to the house, so Super Caleb used his super-powers to fly home.

Super Vohn Chicken's wings weren't quite strong enough, so he got a little help.

Please notice his awesome chicken feet. My sister-in-law gets some mad props for their costumes.

Fall is nearly gone here, but it was beautiful while it lasted.

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