Friday, January 30, 2009

...I just might jump off a bridge if everyone else was

Recently I watched a video about how blogging, youttube, and Facebook have forever changed the way information gets around. This is true because someone on facebook came up with a facebook forward. This particular Facebook forward (you know, the ones that generally say if you don't forward them your children will die or your friends will leave you?) was not that creative or anything, but it has caught on. So, in proving that people long to know about people...

25 random facts, habits, skills, etc., about me:

1. I think CJ-5's are 100% effective at curing the blues.
2. I want to learn how to fly fish and then do it with my dad.
3. I you gave me a plane ticket to anywhere, I'd be in New Zealand tonight.
4. Dogs were meant to be in my life, but currently I can't have one.
5. I can memorize movie lines better than anyone I know.
6. Grad school is amazingly thought-provoking, enjoyable, and, hopefully, beneficial.
7. Designing and building my own home is a dream I hope to fulfill.
8. Bigelow Constant Comment Tea is my favorite hot drink.
9. I think everyone should do a NOLS semester.
10. I enjoy playing cards.
11. My wife subbed 5 days this week which is awesome.
12. I killed Jesus.
13. I am currently refurbishing an old oil lamp to work on electricity.
14. I am blessed to be adjunct faculty as soon as I sign my contract.
15. Hilary and I are hoping to go out West in August for 2ish weeks.
16. I am a bike commuter, although I only have to go 7/10th of a mile.
17. Wifey and I are going out for dessert.
18. I secretively want a ridiculously large TV with Bose surround sound.
19. I don't have a passport.
20. I get excited about little things like a little boy at least twice a day.
21. I was stupid once and drove much faster than legally allowed just to see how fast I could go until I was scared.
22. I have a pocket dictionary for when I go backpacking just in case I don't know a word someone uses.
23. Another country will one day see Hilary and I help its citizens build houses.
24. I think the Steelers are going to win.
25. The North Country Brewery has some really good brews.

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