Sunday, October 12, 2008


No, your eyes aren't broken, you saw the price per gallon. We did have $0.38 off per gallon though, but still.... Why the low gas prices? (We appreciate it!) Why do I think just under three bucks is cheap? Anyway.

This week has been busy. Last weekend my parents came out to visit. It was fun seeing them. We went out to dinner, went to church (my second time since out here), watched the Steelers win, and went fishing. I almost caught myself a delicious bass. I had it in and close but it swam under the dock and snapped my line on one of the posts. I really want to catch that fish sometime. Maybe it lives nearby. I do feel bad for my parents as it rained almost the entire time they were here. I am glad they came though. Hilary made a delicious apple pie that was amazing!

Don't you want some? I am home alone tonight. Hilary went to a concert tonight with the youth group because they needed an extra driver. I hope she is having fun at the meet and greet with the BarlowGirls. Some pictures to finish this off.

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