Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Different strokes, confusion.

Tonight you get to go inside the mind of Dan. His thought process sometimes goes like this.
While thinking about Christmas present ideas for himself, he thought of a tool box, which he really does not want after some thought, but it led him to look at the best tools around, SK I figure. Guess how much these tools cost, the complete set...go ahead, I'll give you time...
you are wrong by the way, try $1,468.03, nice try though. And in my sick mind I thought, I could use those, why not have the best? Crazy, unless your a mechanic I guess. Hilary and I have been thinking a lot about how our country and lives revolve around money more or less, or at least how Americans value money, expensive cars, and good schools and neighborhoods. Huh? So my brain is scattered. I sold my car last night in less than 30 minutes. He showed up at 6:45, I drove it with him down the road, he drove it back, he offered me money and pulled it out of his wallet. I went inside, signed over the title, wrote a little letter saying I sold it for X amount of dollars to Y person and we both signed it. I then emptied my truck and took off the plates. He gave me the cash, I gave him the title and the keys, bye bye Jetta, you will be missed. German performance gone. Jeep maybe in a year!?

something else I stumbled upon doing research for class that I like and it may make you think, maybe not. I am of course a recreation administration major who loves experiential education and hands on learning, an advocate of non-academia type testing, nature, and all things adventurous/wild. I'll let you try to make sense of my thoughts, because I have yet to do it. A little video.

I have no questions for you. I have no answers.

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