Monday, January 14, 2013

Life With Lauren, 3 Months

Lauren Elizabeth has been growing and changing all month! She is blossoming into a smiley, happy baby, which is a wonderful development from the fussiness of the first few months.

First, her stats, as we know them:

Weight: 9 lbs, 10 oz, as of a week before she hit three months
Length: 23.25"
Cuteness: Off the charts

When I last posted, Lauren was scheduled to see a GI specialist because of her slow weight gain. We visited him in December, and after lots of questions, he suggested supplementing with formula. (He also ordered some tests, the results of which we'll hear about next week.) I was really upset about needing to supplement. Everything I've read about breastfeeding has said that your body should respond to the demand, but for some reason, Lauren was not getting enough milk from me. So we started her on a couple ounces of formula after nursing, and she has been thrilled. She gobbles it down and is finally filling out. In fact, her 3 month clothes now (mostly!) fit. Her pants still have a tendency to fall off, but we're working on that. (Also, her acid reflux seems to have vanished. Praise the Lord for that!)

We had a great time visiting family at Christmas, traveling all around, smiling at cousins and enjoying life to the full. She was blessed with tons of cute gifts and was thrilled to be held by her grandmas. She started being very interested in everything going on around her, and held many coo-ing conversations with her family members. She also mastered the transition to the regular old pack-n-play -- no snuggly insert! It was a bit of a trial for all of us, but it worked.

Since this post is almost 2 weeks late, I'm going to leave it at that info, plus this picture of our Christmas elf.

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Jill Malefyt said...

So glad Lauren is doing well. She is as cute as can be!