Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Baby Clothes

Yesterday, I attempted to sort out some of the itty-bitty baby clothes given to us over the past few months. Some were hand-me-downs, from friends with 3 little girls who moved to California. Others were from my cousin, who had a baby girl last December. Still others were new, gifts from the ladies who showered us with love a little over a week ago. We have been blessed with clothes for our little girl, and I am entirely grateful.

That being said, I also am a little overwhelmed. It wasn't until this baby shower that I realized that not all one piece baby apparel are called onesies. The ones with long sleeves and legs are sleepers (who knew?). I only found out after my sister-in-law handed me a detailed gift list (thanks Shelley!). So yesterday, in merely the 0-6 month category, we had shirts, pants, onesies, long-sleeved onsies, sleepers, sleeper dresses, complete outfits with matching tops and bottoms, and a few little jackets and sweaters. I sorted once, I sorted twice, and then I left them in piles on the nursery floor.

Feeling the need for some love from some other mamas, I posted on Facebook:
Just trying to organize all of our little one's clothes makes me feel woefully unprepared for having a baby! Onesies, sleepers, dresses, itty bitty pants.... Will I possibly know when to put her in what?
Sweet, reassuring comments came back. Sometimes social media is great.

When Dan came home for lunch and asked about my morning, I confided that I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with clothes and that I felt like I'd never know how to dress our baby. Being the supportive guy that he is, he walked up to the nursery with me and took a look. He was impressed by the piles and joked, "She isn't even here and I've been invaded by pink!" But then he made me laugh by pointing out that I have tons of clothes, so the baby would also need* lots of different items.

"How many babies have died - actually died," he asked, "because they weren't in the right clothes?" I had to admit that I had not heard of any fatalities because the baby was wearing a sleeper vs. a pants/onesie outfit.

So Dan wisely dealt with the pregnant lady. And that's one thing I love about him. He listened to me, made me laugh, and reassured me that we are in this together. We'll figure things out as we need to. And if we can laugh about it, we're in pretty good shape.

So thanks, family and friends, for the inundation of adorable baby clothes. Not only will they clothe the babe after she arrives, they made me appreciate Dan's easy-going nature.

*I'm using the term "need" lightly here. I know babies don't actually need lots, but since we were gift lots of different items, we'll pretend she needs them.

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