Saturday, February 5, 2011

Knitting Project

I've come to realize that knitting is not exactly a cheap way to make gifts for others. The most cost-effective gifts are the small ones, like the hats I made for my family at Christmas. Nice yarn costs a good bit of money, but instead of seeing that as a downside to my hobby, I've embraced the fact that quality yarn creates a lasting gift.

As my friends have started to have babies, I've vowed to make at least one hand-knit thing for each of them. That is, each of their first babies. I can't vouch for my ability to knit gifts for an unknown number of kiddos, but I think I can swing at least one hand-knit gift per friend. I had no idea how many gorgeous baby items I can (theoretically) make. I'm loving the challenges I find in new patterns. Knitting for babies is so quick, too, and I don't need as much yarn, which is why I was able to splurge on yarn with gorgeous colors for Natalie's baby.

Natalie and Brandon didn't know what gender baby they were having until he arrived (hi baby Wesley!), so I didn't choose my pattern until he made it safely into the world. My friend Kate (whose daughter was the recipient of my first ever baby blanket) advised me to make something for a year or so into life, when the abundance of baby shower clothes had diminished, so I decided upon the Chunky Monkey by the brown stitch. I purchased the yarn after driving all about the Miami Valley on one of my recent snow days, and after finally landing at The Yarn and the Needle, I found a navy tweed (Cascade 120) and a buttery yellow, perfect for a boy but equally as perfect for any future kids they may have.

So without further ado, the final results!

And another shot:

I hope baby Wesley loves his vest when he can wear it, in about a year.

P.S. This present is not to its recipients yet. I'm hoping that Natalie will be too busy with the baby to read this post. And if not... Natalie, this is your gift!



Hilary this is SO cute! I love it. Great idea to make it bigger for later in his life. Question, where did you get the tags with your name on them?

Jill said...

Beautiful, Hilary! If you need a hat pattern try this one sometime, I made one for Jack and it's super cute!

Colleen said...

SKillz girl. SKillz. It's beautiful!

Dan and Hilary said...

Liz -- My mom and sister conspired to give them to me for Christmas. They were from somewhere on Etsy. I'll message you with the details.

And thanks Jill! That hat is adorable. I warned Andrew and Shelley that Ben will be receiving hats for just about every occasion. :)

Linnea said...

That's beautiful! So well done!

Kate said...

I LOVE IT! Amazing. I think I might have to buy some yarn for you and have you make something for Mariya because it's just amazing what you can do. I might have to take lessons in April! I love how much effort and time you put into things. Well done.