Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Giving Thanks #16

My friends from college are as dear to me now as the day that we graduated. (An appropriate picture to insert would be one from graduation, but I am unable to find any. ANY. We took like a billion pictures, jumping in our gowns, and yet I have not a single one. Digital pictures are great, but I need to start printing them and filing them in an organized manner. So as a substitute, here is some of my wonderful friends at Kate's wedding. But I digress from the real topic at hand.) Our lives have taken unexpected twists and turns, and we've grown more unique in the years since our time at Houghton, but I still rely on their words of wisdom, their encouragement, and their own stories of growth and change.

These words are from the journal I kept freshman year, when college was still new and terrifying and exciting and overwhelming. I think I can be forgiven for the bit of drama infused in this entry.
My memories of summer fun, of laughter, of joking around and of camaraderie are haunting reminders that everything is different now. And I'm scared I'll never have that again, that friendships like those were for one brief moment in my life. It is so foolish, but I am afraid I will never have friends again. Who is Kate, then, and Adrienne? Sure, they are my friends. But are they the same friends as I had in high school? Am I expecting them to be the same friends? No, but I think I am longing for the closeness and ease of jest and the fun we shared.

Friendships are not made in a day, or a week, or a month or even two months. But I wish they were.
Even then, the makings of amazing friendships were underway, with more to be formed in the months following this entry. I could write an entry on each of these women and how they have impacted my life, but suffice it to say I am abundantly grateful to God for them.


Adrienne said...

thankful for you too! I certainly am glad you stuck with us...;)
The mountain bike video is so fun, and makes me miss fall (and all that it entails) so much! Do you remember the bike ride we went on sophomore year on the trails which are not really intended for bikes, and your chain snapped and gave you this awesome gash? I have a picture of that ;)...and it's one of those pictures I'm glad I have cause it tells a whole story that otherwise we may have forgotten!
love you.

Dan and Hilary said...

I do remember! I'm a terrible wimp when it comes to mountain biking, but I can be fun -- until a chain snaps and blood drips. :) I'm trying to maintain the courage so I can go with Dan, but I think I'd prefer road biking more. Oh well -- this last time, no injuries.

Can't wait for our next reunion picture!