Friday, October 1, 2010

Things I'm Considering...

I already revealed my deep desire for my house (or currently, our apartment) to look like it belongs in magazine. It still looks pretty much like it did a few weeks ago and will stay looking like that for the foreseeable future. But, having a lot of time on my hands, I can't help but plan what I might someday buy for our apartment. So here is the current list, with items picked from stores which I would, in reality, probably buy from. Although I absolutely love looking at expensive pieces in magazines, catalogs, and in stores, it won't happen, at least not now.

A cart for our television and DVD player. Our set-up is such that to be watchable, the t.v. has to be pulled out from the wall, in the living room space. However, it looks ugly when you walk in, and blocks the flow of the room. I'd like to buy some sort of rolling cart that we could easily wheel in or out, depending if the t.v. was in use or not. There are plenty of expensive carts, but this one is pretty economical.
Product Image Seville Classics Chrome Mobile 3 Shelf Storage Unit
Fabric Cubes for Storage: Dan made an inexpensive solution to our kitchen storage issues by screwing together several pine boards into shelves, which we then painted white. My crockpot, rice cooker, food processor, kitchen aid, and cookbooks are all stored there, as well as other kitchen essentials, such as ziplock bags, light bulbs, and paper towels. I need some baskets in order to hide some of the essentials that don't look quite as nice as the appliances. I'm thinking these (but perhaps not in bright green):

Product Image Full Size Fabric Bin-ITSO
Shoe Rack: I have a cute, hot pink, back of the door shoe storage thing to corral my shoes. Dan does not. He (we) need something to control the shoe chaos, both in our closet and by our door. This would do the trick.
Sheer Curtains: Some privacy, please! Our apartment is on ground level, so it is really easy to see directly into our apartment. It's only the dog people that are out back, so it's not like we're on a major highway, but I'd still like to have a little more privacy without always having to keep the blinds down. Curtains can be super expensive, but I think these are pretty (and in my price range!). I'd need to hem them, and perhaps would still pair them with a heavier curtain, but it'd be a start.

Carpet: Let me just say, for a brief moment, that I have seen this area rug a couple of times in different magazines, and I just love it (in blue multi). Just do. A rug would help define our living room space better, but I'm pretty sure an $800 rug is out of the question. So, what about carpet squares? I could reconfigure them when we no longer live here, and in any case, I like Martha's take on them.

I also like the look of this for under our table, which is located on carpet, again defining the area for eating.

Any opinions on these choices? My only concern is that our apartment has a very neutral wall color and all of our pieces are in pretty neutral colors -- is it going to start looking boring? Or did I pick enough color in the carpet to help spice it up? Just a query.

And now, I need to stop dreaming, and perhaps start looking for a job. Otherwise, our apartment is going to stay exactly as is. And if does, that's fine: learning the lesson of contentment is ultimately much more valuable than furnishings.


Coal Miner's Daughter said...

1. Craigs list- i like to check the free section and then try to be as creative as possible
2. Bins...why not use cardboard boxes for now- you can cut the top flaps off of them and paint them whatever colors you want inside and out, cover them in contact paper to make them more durable and or cover them in fabric.

Adrienne said...

have you checked out It might change your life. Or break the bank, as the case may be. Lots of ideas though, for us type A organizers. ;)
and for the record, I think area rugs are one of the best ideas ever...allow the room to be changed in lots of different patterns.

Dan and Hil said...

Craig's List is my friend, but I haven't ever looked at the free section! I'll have to get on that.
And also, good call on painting cardboard boxes. That'd totally work. I'll have to keep my eyes out for ones of the correct size.

Age -- YES. I've never actually been in the actual store, but I just learned that there is one in Cincinnati. I'm going to have to go at some point in time.

Laura lee said...

It's funny how many people want to help you. :) Hehe
And I'm one of them! So... I googled Gabriel Brothers, where Eric and I got a couple rugs for about 35 dollars each. Nice ones, too. :) Turns out there's a Gabes in Beavercreek, OH, which might be close to you! So check it out!