Sunday, August 15, 2010

accepted a job and moving to a place we have never been to...

Since I was once told that Facebook was the easiest way to communicate I have decided to write a blog post about this to prove him wrong, but link it to my facebook account, so I have decided to use two dimensions of the electronic digital world.

I found a job, probably close to 150, I applied to a lot of them. For this specific job I interviewed via Skype webcam, I gave up hope, I was wrong. They called me, they told me they decided on who to offer the job to, they told me the offer was for me. I was excited, a bit bewildered with the humor of Christ. I accepted the job, and then cancelled 4 of the interviews I had lined up across the country. I went to one of the interviews that was local: the reason, to wear my new suit that I picked up the night before.

Hilary and I will be moving to Dayton, OH.
I have accepted a job as Outdoor Coordinator-Cycling for the Five Rivers MetroParks.
I will be coordinating, planning, running events, activities, trips, etc. I believe I will help with all aspects of the Outdoor Recreation department, but my focus is cycling related.

We don't know where we are living or anything. We have never been to Dayton, so details will be forthcoming if you want to help us move. Hilary hopes to get certified in OH to teach, so she'll be busy doing that.

If any of you have been to Dayton and have suggestions of what part/area to live in, that would be great. We are driving out next week to check it out.
I start in around 2-4 weeks.

Thank you for your prayers if you have been praying, keep it up...lots of people desire employment.


Sarah said...

hurray! Maybe we can share stories/advice about moving to places we've never been to...

VA said...

1. Congrats! Like my Dad said, he applied for >100 jobs, got 5 interviews, 1 job offer. That's all it takes.
2. I have friends living in Dayton right now and have sent out a query on where to live.
3. Does this mean in 6 months Ryan'll be saying the same thing?
4. Found your blog post via FB because I haven't registered to the RSS feed. LOL!

Jill and Tim Malefyt said...

Praise God! We have been praying for you ever since we saw you at Camp of the Woods. Another lesson learned in trusting God and his timing.