Sunday, January 24, 2010

Really? Me?

Yesterday, we enjoyed an evening with Dan's parents, two grandmas, and niece and nephew. Ice cream was on the menu for dessert, and Dan plopped the cartons in front of his nephew.

"Go ahead open it up."

Vohn strains to pull the lid off the vanilla ice cream. He gives up. Dan says, "Come on! You're not getting any ice cream if you can't get the lid off."

Vohn gives Dan a disbelieving look, but decides he better pull again. I aid the three and a half year old by hold the bottom of the carton. Finally, with a smack, the lid pops off, much to Vohn's delight/surprise.

Dan hands Vohn the ice cream scoop. "Alright, get yourself some ice cream." Again, the little guy doesn't quite know if he should believe him or not. He decides that, again, Uncle Dan is not kidding, and goes to town.

Uncle Dan is crazy!

Does he know that I love ice cream?

Oh yeah... I gotta hang out with Uncle Dan more often.

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Andrew Brautigam said...

Those are some great photos, Hil! Nice work!